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We appreciate the trust our customers. Not just sell trailers, we offer solutions to contemporary and future needs of the sector. The best way is to go for brands like DOLL, providing training to users of our vehicle, providing continuing education to workers, contribute to human development and training of employees, customers, providing welfare, integrity and honesty.


In COA TRUCKS we have extensive experience in the industry. In 2001, we began the project to implement a new brand of special trailers. We chose the signature Belgian Faymonville. Our market knowledge and trends, soon gave results. A signature that was a total unknown on the national market in five years it became the leading company in marketing of special trailers. Relations with Faymonville broke from them. The cause was our success.

Currently we have opted for home DOLL, a German company with 130 years of experience. DOLL, provides high-technology constructive materials and components supplied to leading companies in the sector. DOLL is in the best steel for maximum performance and high elasticity. The design department set market trends. Its engineers are ahead in the new transportation needs, placing a doll in the forefront of European manufacturers. Its technology solutions are imitated by leading companies in sales.

In COA TRUCKS channel we all experience the benefit of our customers. Providing services of high added value. Facilitate efficient and cost effective technical solutions to clients through its expertise and market vision. Contribute to human development and training of employees, customers, providing welfare, integrity and honesty.


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